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We create automatic symphonies. A piano is an ensemble of highly complex mechanical systems. A marvel of human engineering. Keys, springs, jacks, dampers, hammers and strings work together to make the piano sound. However, even the world’s most expensive piano needs someone to tune it so that its music is melodious. And in a similar sense, this is exactly what we do at ESA! We ensure that everything is in tune and that your plant’s complex ‘ensemble’ works in harmony.
CEO Andreas Teufel

This has been the guiding principle of ESA ELEKTRO AUTOMATION GMBH since its founding in 1991. WE have the BEST SOLUTION for every sector, including the water treatment industry, power generation, construction materials, the food processing, agriculture... to name but a few examples!

As a reliable partner for complete automation technology solutions, we will ensure that your project runs smoothly. A dedicated project manager will be at your disposal to answer all your questions and concerns! We will provide you with high-level solutions tailored to your needs to ensure the optimisation of your company’s automated production. We provide comprehensive, proven solutions for companies of any size, from all fields of industry. Having the best solution for your individual scenario is the only key for managing the challenges of the future.


Your partner for complete plant solutions
We meet your complex requirements with the perfect solution! You benefit from our one-stop service, which takes you from initial planning to final commissioning. We design a comprehensive solution for you that optimises the interplay of the difference components of your plant, and manage the implementation of this solution over the course of the project. Having many years of experience in the field, our employees are able to inject their wealth of expertise into your plant design.
Automation/Process control technology

Through us you are always at the cutting edge of technology. Through the continuous development of our dedicated team, you are always ′up-to-date′. Our motto is: "He who stops getting better, has stopped being good!" [Philip Rosenthal]

Facility management software
A modular single sign-on environment* provides the plant operator with an interface to the plant. The various modules enable optimal plant management: + PLC, + production data acquisition, + database, + order management, + master data, + maintenance module, + reports, + warehouse management.
* Single sign-on means that after a one-time authentication, a user can access all computers and services for which he is authorized without having to log in each time.

Control cabinet construction
...specializing in the design and manufacturing of control cabinets, power distribution boards and low-voltage main distribution boards up to 3200A. The use of high-quality materials and first-class craftsmanship are the prerequisite for perfectly functioning control cabinets. Experienced employees guarantee an execution in accordance with the respective national regulations - this enables us to successfully assert ourselves on the market.

Industrial assembly
We have many years of experience in the field of industrial installations in Germany and abroad and can therefore also take on the installation of complex systems. A multitude of projects proves us to be a competent and successful partner in this field.
Our service & support for you:
  • Round-the-clock service via service hotline
  • Remote maintenance to our plants
  • Manufacturer-independent spare parts and repair service
  • Siemens Solution Partner (PDF)
  • ABB Drives Alliance Partner (PDF)
  • Carrying out electrical system inspections (E-Check)
  • Execution of network analyses