Your ESA servicing contract
The ESA servicing contract provides the basis for an optimum partnership with no bureaucracy. The ESA ServiceCard that you receive when you sign an ESA servicing contract carries a personalised ID number for your company and is valid for 12 months – which is also the minimum term of an ESA servicing contract. It goes without saying that while the contract is still valid, you can always switch to another ESA servicing package and increase the number of servicing hours it covers.

How you benefit
  • Guaranteed availability, 24/7
  • Quick assistance
  • Remote maintenance
  • Low and calculable costs
  • Single hotline to contact different maintenance groups (PLC, VISU, network equipment, etc.)
  • Comprehensive diagnosis
  • Quick troubleshooting
  • Reduction of down-time costs
  • Minimisation of plant/equipment downtimes
  • Troubleshooting even outside normal working hours
  • ‘Security’ for your plant personnel
  • Quick on-site intervention, and much more


We don’t just wrap up a project once it’s been delivered and commissioned. We provide a 24-hour hotline, a range of maintenance services and other support to ensure that your system runs smoothly and safely even after the end of the project.

Your ESA maintenance contract

Within the field of maintenance, ESA provides expertise in the servicing of electrical components and their environment.

Benefits at a glance
  • Prevention of costly downtime
  • Failure-free production process
  • Optimisation of plant function and utility
  • Extended plant service life
  • Early recognition of wear and tear
  • Maintenance during production operations, whenever feasible
  • Full warranty claims
  • Maintenance of insurance cover
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Schedulable stoppages
  • Labour and cost transparency
  • A maintenance contract tailored to the needs of your plant


  • Maintenance of distribution boards, control cabinets, sub-distribution boards, master computers (cleaning, inspection, measurement, etc.)
  • PLC control maintenance (backup, diagnostics, etc.)
  • Maintenance of PCs, master computers, servers
  • Maintenance of compensation systems
  • Thermographic inspection of control cabinets,
  • Cables and connections
  • Emergency stop and emergency shut-off test for the entire plant, and much more
  • Network analysis

Also available on option:
  • Cleaning services for exceptional heavy soiling
  • Installation and configuration of software products
  • Cleaning of false floors
  • Training for plant personnel
  • Inspection of electrical installations in compliance with ÖVE/ÖNORM (Austrian standards)
  • E 8001-6-61/62/63 (initial test, regular inspections)

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