After-sales service
We do not just wrap up a procject once it has been delivered...
... and the production process has started. 
We continue to support our customers long after handover, to ensure the smooth operation of the automation system. Even the best plants and systems need continuous maintenance and regular servicing. Parts that are subject to wear and tear must be available quickly, and if there are problems with the machinery, competent service personnel must be reachable round the clock to rapidly resolve any interruption to operations.
ESA has an experienced team of specialists for just such eventualities – available to help you 24/7. To prevent or minimise interruptions to operations, maintenance work and servicing are carried out in accordance with your requirements.

Remote maintenance
Cutting-edge technology allows us to provide remote maintenance to locations anywhere in the world. Since we develop smart communication systems and implement innovative industrial automation software solutions, we can perform remote maintenance on your machines and systems. This enables us to provide both local and international customers with our full support after commissioning.


We don’t just wrap up a project once it’s been delivered and commissioned. We provide a 24-hour hotline, a range of maintenance services and other support to ensure that your system runs smoothly and safely even after the end of the project.

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