Steel silo plant

Aschach, Austria

28new silos

150.000 ttotal storage

Key data

Expansion and modernisation of a silo plant, including infrastructure for receiving, cleaning, storing and loading grain. 
Conveyors are used for transporting grain from the stock to the new plant. The site comprises a closed engine house for receiving and loading grain, including the necessary conveyors, dust extractors and processing equipment, a drying facility and an adjoining silo plant. The design of the plant allows grain to be delivered during harvest, precleaned and dried so that it can be deposited in the silos for stable storage.

An overview of the new plant
  • Offices: The new office building has work stations, two lorry weighing machines and a laboratory
  • Silo plants: 28 silos were built, 22 of which are steel and 6 concrete.
    The new silos have a capacity of 58,000 tonnes. The total storage volume with the existing silos (12 steel silos and one concrete silo plant) is 150,000 tonnes.
  • Engine house: The new engine house contains two receiving lanes and one loading lane, each with a capacity of 220 tonnes/hour.
  • Grain-drying facility: Outdoors, a new grain-drying facility with a capacity of 500 tonnes/day was constructed.


Services provided:
  • Planning and engineering
  • Low-voltage main distribution
  • MCC switchgear
  • Automation cabinets
  • PLC software and visualisation
  • Production data acquisition
  • Plant network
  • E-installation/wiring
  • ESA OPICOM – a manufacturing execution system
  • Commissioning
Control System used:
Siemens S7-1500 (TIA-Portal V13)

Visualisation programme/process control technology:
Wonderware InTouch

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