Metal recycling plant

Aylesbury, England

British Standard Montage

Key data

IBA e-technology processing, Aylesbury/Bucks, Englend
Recycling plant for processing scrap metal.
A central impact mill grinds up the material, after which it is sorted into its different elements through various sifting systems.
The plant is equipped for possible remote maintenance or remote control with a VPN router network.


Project included:
  • Planning and engineering
  • Delivery and installation of an MCC distribution board
  • PLC hardware & software
  • Documentation
  • Supervision of the installation of electrical systems
  • Commissioning and production support

Control system used:
Siemens S7-1515F-2PN (fail-proof)

Visualisation programme/process control technology:
Siemens HMI TP1900 TIA Comfort Edition, Sm@rtServer