Cogeneration plant

Sisslerfeld, Switzerland

37.500 mVerlegte Kabel

- 48.000 tCO² /Jahr

Key data

The Sisslerfeld wood-fired combined heat and power plant is being converted for environmentally friendly steam, electricity and district heat generation.
This conversion will reduce not only harmful CO2 emissions, but also reliance on imported fossil fuels. The plant uses wood chips straight from the forest and untreated wood that is unusable for other purposes. Replacing natural gas and oil with wood can reduce CO2 emissions by 48,000 tonnes per year.

Minimising emissions

Cutting-edge technology and an environmental impact assessment allows the plant to operate with a minimum of emissions. The new filter technology minimises fine dust pollution and the environmental impact assessment ensures that all air purity, noise pollution and water protection requirements are fulfilled and the needs of the affected communities taken into account. According to the website, fine dust emissions will definitely be maintained below the legal limit values. The plant produces steam for manufacturing at DSM Nutritional Products and enough electricity to power around 17,500 average households. Burning biomass can also feed district heat into existing or future networks. It benefits local citizens, the environment and Sisslerfeld as an attractive location for businesses.


Services provided:
  • Low-voltage distribution using plug-in technology
  • Electrical measurement and control cabinets
  • Frequency converter (up to 400 kW)
  • PCS7 process control system
  • Electrical measurement and control equipment installation
  • On-site commissioning

Control System used:
Siemens CPU 410-5H redundant, ca. 1.800 POs

Visualisation programme/process control technology:
PCS7 Vers. 9 SP1 mit einer redundanten Server/Client Struktur