Biogas plant and sewage sludge gasification

Strass, Styria, Austria

20.000 tSewage

12 Mio. kWhfed into the grid
per year

Key data

New development
The natural gas plant not only produces biomethane (processed biogas whose quality is on a par with natural gas) from coferments and sewage sludge in a PSA plant, but also uses a patented new technology (‘KlärschlammReformer’) to recycle dried sewage sludge in an energy self-sufficient process.

The plant is designed to treat around 20,000 tonnes of sewage sludge each year – about 6,000 tonnes produced at the plant itself, 14,000 from other regions. The biomethane generated covers the gas consumption of about 12,000 households. The great demand for sewage sludge is explained by profitability.

Energy production
Around twelve million kWh per year are fed into the grid, corresponding to the gas consumption of about 2,000 households.
Facts & figures:
- 20,000 tonnes of sewage sludge per year
- around 12 million kWh fed into the grid per year
- covers the gas consumption of around 2,000 households


Services provided:
  • Engineering and planning
  • Low-voltage main distribution
  • MCC switchgear
  • Automation cabinets
  • PLC software and visualisation
  • Production data acquisition
  • Remote alarms
  • Energy management
  • Fire detection system
  • Technical building services
  • Lightning protection
  • Metrological equipment
  • E-installation/assembly
  • Commissioning
Control system used:
Siemens S7-1500

Visualisation programme/process control technology:
HMI: Siemens TP1500 Comfort
SCADA: Siemens WinCC V7.3
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