Thermal Imaging Surveillance System (TISS)

In co-operation with a well-known partner in the sector of modern thermal imaging technology we are now specialized on preventive solutions in fire safety of high-risk areas.
Surveillance of your company by thermal imaging technology is not only seen positively by public authorities, but also by insurance companies. It is seen as the perfect assistance of measures for early fire detection. The Thermal Imaging Surveillance System (TISS) is a stationary monitoring system for temperatures and hot-spots on diverse industrial- and storage areas. The system is useful to detect fires early and even to detect possible emerging seats of fire. The key part of our TISS are – according to the specific requirements – one or more infra-red thermal imaging cameras. These cameras are encompassed by a stout protective housing and work even under adverse conditions.

A further important part of the TISS is the system-software, which evaluates, archives the gained thermal images according to the alarm adjustments and activates alarms when necessary.


The TISS performs the following functions:

  • colored thermal images incl. absolute temperatures
  • definition of zones for the adjustment of different alarms
  • data base for the history
  • direct measurement of temperatures in online images
  • status messages
  • regulation of single (tilt-) thermal imaging cameras
  • client software operating
  • manual deactivation of single areas or cameras
  • and many more ….


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