The ABB Industrial Drive is a frequency converter which is designed for the use in industry applications and in particular for applications in the process industry like paper and cellulose, metal processing, mining, fabrication of cement, energy production, chemical industry as well as oil and gas industry.

The meet the customers’ needs as well as the expectations of the OEMs and system integrators, ABB Industrial Drives are available as complete frequency converter and also as individual modules. This series of drives is very flexible and can be configured accurately to the requirements of the particular industrial applications. The order-based configuration is consequently an integral part of the offer.

Industrial, Module – ACS880 – 1.5 up to 4000 KW – 2 up to 5300 hp

Single Drive-frequency converter modules

Single Drive-frequency converter modules are designed to be installed in customized switchboards. The modules enable the OEMs, system integrators and switchboard manufacturers, to realize their own drive solutions using the frequency technology from ABB. As a result, the many advantages of the frequency converters of ABB can be used, e.g. DTC-engine control, adaptive programming and extensive options – built in as well as external. To help customers to realize their own solutions ABB delivers detailed manuals for the control cabinet Installation in addition to the modules. Furthermore, additional equipment is included.  The Single Drive-frequency converter modules require an AC-power supply.

Multidrive modules

Multidrive modules are designed for drive systems that feature a common DC bus for the flow of energy from the supply modules to the drive modules.

Several types of modules are available: inverter modules that contain all the drive technology and different types of supply units that

convert the AC supply from the mains into a DC supply for the inverter modules.


Industrial, Multi Drives – ACS880 – 1.5 up to 5600 kW

for multi-motor and marine-applications

Multidrive-frequency converters consist of frequency modules, which are connected to a DC-link. The modules are supplied by the DC-link. The DC-voltage is provided with power through a common attached rectifier unit. This simplifies the entire installation with numerous advantages like: diminished amount of cabling, reduced installation- and maintenance costs, less AC mains power and much more.

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