Frequency converter from 0.75 kW up to 355 kW / 1 up to 483 hp
Supply voltage 200 – 480 V


Order, installation, configuration and business of the standard Drives from ABB are easy and time saving.
These standardized frequency converters are available over the distribution network of ABB, thus they are designated as ‘Standard Drive’. The frequency converter has a general user- and process-interface for the “box bush”-Access and software-tools for dimensioning, commissioning and maintenance.
In addition there are standardized spares for the frequency converter available.


Power transmission applications for
ACS580 frequency converter

The Standard Drive from ABB is in a multiplicity of industrial sectors applicable. To the typcial applications affiliates pumps, ventilators and constant instant uses like e.g. conveyors. The Standard Drive from ABB is everywhere there excellent applicable where a easy installation, commissioning and operation is essential and a custom adaptation or a special planning isn’t required.

ACH550 frequency converter for

The market introduction of a special for the HKL-area designed frequency converter from ABB is a milestone in the development of frequency converter. The frequency converter is by default with macros for the most applications equipped. The frequency converter is for certain HKL-applications including additional air-, discharged air- and cooling tower aerator, increase of pressure pumps and condensers programmed.

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