Frequency converter

ABB Frequency converter
Compact & Machinery drives -> 0.18 up to 110 kW


ESA (ABB-Partner) provides frequency convertors with a broad range of performance – from the Component Drive to the Machinery Drive. The worldwide support- and service network warrents an unproblematic operation during the entire service life of the drives.

Frequency convertors of ABB enable the speed control of the different applications of engines inserted in cure facilities as well as for treadmill engines or high-precision applications like positioning and synchronisation.


-> ABB drive technology – Have an overview of frequency- and power convertors

Standard drives -> 0.75 up to 355 kW


Industrial drives -> 0.55 up to 5600 kW

The ABB Industrial Drive is a frequency converter designed for industry applications and in particular for applications in the process industry like paper and pulp, metal working, mining, cement manufacturing, energy production, chemistry as well as oil and gas.

ABB Industrial Drives are both available as complete frequency convertors as well as modules, to make the grades for the user, OEMs and system integrators. This drives concern about very flexible applicable frequency converters, which can be configured definitely on the demands of the respective industry application. Therefore the order-related configuration is a fixed part of the order.