Maximum system availability – thanks to mobile control section on site

Flexible. Efficient. This is how you keep track!

The mobile control section on site replaces conventional wired local control units with key selection switches, pushbuttons and indicator lights.

The drives are operated by the on-site station using a smartphone or tablet. By scanning a QR code on the machine using a QR code scanner (mobile phone app), the operator station is opened on the Internet browser of the mobile device. The operator can operate the respective drive after logging on. It can be started/ stopped manually or other existing functions can be operated.

The operation is particularly pleasant and intuitive.

Access protection ensures that only authorized users get system access. By entering a valid user name with the corresponding password, you are forwarded to the respective drive. The login data is stored for a period of time, which can be configured by the administrator. This means that a repeated login is not necessary for this defined period of time. Only after the expiry of this defined time a new login is required.

If the current operation on the mobile device is interrupted the drive stops immediately and the display on the device is shifted into the background. This can happen e.g. by a call, the network connection breaks, or when the battery of the device is empty. If no activity is performed on the mobile device for a predefined time, the drive stops.

User Management Any new users can be created in the user administration, in addition existing ones can be changed and deleted. It is possible to specify a login duration for each user individually (the time until an automatic logout takes place). Likewise, each user can be assigned different authorizations for individual system areas. Thus, for example, a service technician is allowed to operate any machine with a login, while an operator of a machine may only operate on his machine.



Name of the drive and equipment number

status and switching mode
stop button

start buttons for max. 4 operating modes (forward, back, up, down, …)

Acknowledge button for resetting faults.

Display sum error and status “locked”.

Setting of the setpoint for speed-regulated machines or positioners including indication of the current speed and load.


Facts & Highlights


  • context-sensitive user guidance
  • 100% flexibility for adjustments in the production line (changed machines, new machines, removing old machines)
  • keyword: Industry 4.0
  • communication via internal, highly protected WLAN network
  • No special hardware required. Commercial, current mobile devices with any operating system can be used.
  • wireless
  • efficient
  • decentralized
  • simple and convenient user management
  • cost-effective
  • increased protection through fast intervention and reaction times in case of events
  • smartphone recommendation: at least 5 inches (1280 x 720 pixels), operating system: Android, browser: Chrome