No more space for fossil fuels

ESA provides automation for one of Switzerland’s largest wood-fired CHP plants


The wood-fired plant in Sisslerfeld is converted to produce environmentally friendly steam, electricity and district heating.

This change not only reduces harmful CO2 emissions, but also eliminates dependency on imported fossil fuels. Fresh wood chips and untreated timber is used, which is unsuitable for any other wood applications. Replacing natural gas and oil with wood can save 48,000 tons of CO2 each year.

Plant in Sisslerfeld (c)

Minimize emissions

State-of-the-art technology and an environmental impact assessment make it possible to operate the power plant with minimal emissions. The new filter technology minimizes particulate matter pollution. And the environmental impact assessment ensures that all requirements of air pollution control, as well as noise and water protection are met. Also, the needs of the affected communities are taken into account. The legal limit values ​​of fine dust emissions will certainly be undercut.

The plant produces steam for production at DSM Nutritional Products and also generates enough electricity to supply about 17,500 average households. The combustion of the biomass can also feed district heating into existing or to be created networks. A gain for the population, the environment and the business location Sisslerfeld.

We are proud to be part of a project that will make the environment cleaner from emissions and provide households with greener electricity.

ESA is the supplier for automation. Bertsch supplies the mechanical equipment.

ESA project scope

Specifically, the electrotechnical scope of supply consists of the following areas:

  •     Engineering and planning
  •     Delivery and installation of the EMSR equipment
  •     MCC switchgear
  •     Automation and process control system (PCS7)
  •    Commissioning and training on site