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Article BMW- News Schul-Innovationspreis, Slawitschek, Mai 2018

Articlet  11. Mostviertler Schul-Innovationspreis, meinbezirk Mai 2018

Article Shinning winners Tips, April 2018

Article 11. Mostviertler Schul-Innovationspreis 2018: Die Gewinner stehen fest Momag, April 2018

FIlm Report Schul-Innovationspreis 2018, M4TV, Mai 2018

Photo Report Presentation 11. Mostviertler Schul-Innovationspreis Mostropolis, April 2018


Photo donation for football club Viehdorfer Nachrichten, Ausgabe 86, Dezember 2017

Article Ms. Mikl Leitner visit ESA Viehdorfer Nachrichten, Ausgabe 86, Dezember 2017

Article Sehr beliebte Bildungsmeile NÖN, November 2017

Article education mile at ESA karriere with traineeship at electrical engineering NÖN Beilage, November 2017

Article head of provincial government visit ESA NÖN, November 2017

Brochure HELIOS 2016 – Energieeffizienz bringt’s! Die Nachlese zum Energieeffizienzpreis Helios 2016

Article Neue hall 3: a step for the future, Sonderseiten Wieselburger Messe NÖN, Juni 2017

Article 10. INNO’17 Erfolge für HTL und HAK Waidhofen NÖN, Mai 2017

Article 10. INNO’17 Erfindungsreiche Jugendliche Tips Amstetten, Mai 2017

Film Report 10. Mostviertler Schul-Innovationspreis M4TV, Mai 2017

Photo Report presentation 10. Mostviertler Schul-Innovationspreis Mostropolis, April 2017



article 10 years Mostviertler Schul-Innovationspreis NÖN Mittendrin, April 2017



Cerfiticate Energy Efficiency Award HELIOS 2016, June 2016

Photo Report open doors at ESA Mostropolis, June 2016

Photo Report Jubiläumsfeier 25-Jahre ESA Mostropolis, June 2016

Article Hightech Company in Lower Austria: Praise from the Minister Kurier Online, June 2016

Article Big anniversary: 25 years ESA NÖN Am Puls der Wirtschaft, May 2016


Article the thinking house – smart living NOEN Amstetten, June 2014

Article awards 7th Mostviertler School-Innovation price NOE Economy, May 2014

Article Education Mile TIPS Amstetten, Dec. 2013

Article Announcement Education Mile Bezirksblaetter, Oct. 2013

Article A successful hit in the professional journal “Austromatisierung”, Sept. 2013

Article awards 6th Mostviertler School-Innovation price Bezirksblaetter, April 2013


Article Announcement Education Mile NOEN, Oct. 2012

Report awards show 4th Mostviertler School-innovation price NOEN, May 2011

Article Education Mile Tips Amstetten, Nov. 2010

Article ESA branch solutions Kurier economic area Lower Austria, April 2009

Report awards show 1st Mostviertler School-Innovation price TIPS Amstetten, April 2008

Report awards show 1st Mostviertler School-Innovation price  NOEN Amstetten, April 2008

Construction report NOEN Amstetten, March 2008

Article Opening of the new office building in Viehdorf NOEN Amstetten, March 2008

Article From a two-man-business to a leading Company in Austria TIPS Amstetten, March 2008

Article Conception of total solutions for every sector of industry worldwide “Wirtschaftsblatt” / economic area Lower Austria, Feb. 2008

Article Hightech-Company attracks creative people KURIER, Dez. 2007

Article 1. place – dynamic small enterprises NOEWI, Nov. 2007

Article Diverse Activities at ESA NOEN, Nov. 2007

Article ESA Automation on expansion course Wirtschaftsblatt, Nov. 2007

Article ESA expands – topping-out ceremony NOEN, Oct. 2007

Article 1st place – Austria’s Leading Companies 2007  NOEN, Oct. 2007

Article ESA bridges from the Mostviertel to Romania Wirtschaftsblatt, Oct. 2007

Article ESA: spit for the annex NOEN, March 2007

Article Hightechcenter ESA expands Kurier , March 2007